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UAE Tax Registration Number Verification Check

Dec 06, 2022 / VAT Registration

TRN Verification

According to the UAE VAT Legislation, Businesses must sign up for VAT and get an official Tax Registration Number (TRN) when they satisfy the criteria required in Title 3 and Articles 6-8 in the Executive Regulation of Federal Decree Law No 8 of 2017.

The tax registration number, TRN (Tax Registration Number), is a unique 15-digit code that is given to every registered natural or legal entity to coordinate their tax obligations under VAT.

TRN Verification Why is it needed?

The TRN Verification or Tax Verification is a vital verification to ensure that the VAT payer can charge VAT and has been officially registered with their exact information to the UAE Federal Tax Authority (FTA). This check allows your company to confirm the authenticity of information on their Tax invoice and reduce the risks for your business in obtaining any input eligible for VAT.

Carrying Out A TRN Verification

The process of conducting the check is a straightforward procedure that is available on the UAW Federal Tax Authority website:

  1. Visit
  2. Enter the TRN for the provider in the section
  3. Input your Security Code as displayed on the screen
  4. Click ‘Validate’ to confirm your information.
  5. The TRN number entered TRN number shows its Legal Name, the entity, and the Legal Name of Entity in English and Arabic to ensure authenticity.

The UAE FTA has sought to offer this tool to help taxpayers ensure the authenticity of suppliers’ Tax Registration Numbers (TRN) to reduce the risk of fraud and inaccurate invoicing of VAT. Taxes must complete the TRN verification to reduce the risk during an FTA audit.

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