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VAT Registration Services

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VAT Registration Services in UAE

VAT Registration in UAE

As an Approved UAE FTA Tax Agency, our experienced team has helped 100's of individuals and companies successfully register and deregister their UAE Tax Registration Numbers

VAT Return Filing

We assist in preparing and submitting your Company or Tax Group VAT Return filing or validate your prepared return with insights to improve your UAE compliance

VAT Compliance & Reporting

Comprehensive VAT compliance & reporting service including FTA certified platforms and FTA Audit File support.

Tax Agency Services

As an accredited Tax Agency with an understanding of the VAT Registration/ Corporate Tax Legislation and Tax Procedures Law, we can effectively represent you in managing FTA procedures.


The United Arab Emirates has consistently provided lucrative monetary and investment prospects on a global scale. Renowned as a prime investment hub, the UAE attracts enthusiastic entrepreneurs worldwide. With growth across various sectors and remarkable achievements on the horizon, implementing Value Added Tax (VAT) in 2018 is a strategic move for long-term benefits, aligning with the country’s progress and prosperity.

Value Added Tax (VAT), initially set at a modest 5%, is an indirect tax applicable to most goods and businesses in the UAE. While food, education, and healthcare are exempt, there might be a slight uptick in living costs. Yet, it’s important to note that VAT won’t burden wallets significantly; instead, it supports and enhances high living standards.

To meet VAT and legal obligations, businesses must adapt existing processes. Compliance involves meticulous accounts and records management according to new VAT regulations, effective January 1, 2018.

If a UAE business surpasses AED 375,000 in taxable supplies and imports, VAT registration becomes mandatory by the Federal Tax Authority. Following FTA guidelines, businesses must maintain accurate financial transaction records, meet VAT registration criteria, and ensure timely ledger updates to avoid penalties.

For seamless VAT registration in the UAE, the FTA’s online service is accessible around the clock. Head to www.tax.gov.ae, access the e-Services portal, sign up, and establish an account. Once email verification is complete, you can log in and initiate your business registration.

Precision matters: The FTA recommends accurate info and thorough form completion. Attach scanned copies of essential documents like trade/business licenses and the passport/Emirates ID of the Manager/Owner.

If the authorized signatory isn’t the manager, provide the passport/Emirates ID of the authorized signatory and supporting authorization proofs like articles of association and notarized power of attorney.

VAT registration in the UAE involves specific documents depending on your organization type. Here’s what’s needed:

Individual Businessman’s VAT Registration:

  • Applicant’s signed request letter
  • Applicant’s resident permit
  • Applicant’s passport copy

Business Registration as an Authority:

  • Copy of the decree
  • Application letter with an authorized signatory
  • Copy of the act of incorporation

VAT Registration for Dubai-based Business:

  • Application letter signed by company authorities
  • Copy of trading license

When applying for VAT registration, ensure you have the right documents ready based on your organization’s nature.

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