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If you’re a business owner in the UAE and find yourself in a situation where your input tax exceeds your output tax on a VAT return, you can claim a VAT refund. In the past, this involved filling out the VAT 311 form on the Federal Tax Authority (FTA) portal. However, with the introduction of the EmaraTax platform, the process has undergone a significant change. In this blog, we’ll walk you through the steps to successfully claim a direct VAT refund using EmaraTax.

Logging into EmaraTax

The first step is to log into your EmaraTax account. You can do this using your login credentials or the UAE Pass. If you don’t have an account, click the ‘sign up’ button. If you’ve forgotten your password, use the “forgot password” feature to reset it. Once you successfully log in, you’ll either see the EmaraTax online user dashboard or, if you’ve opted for two-factor authentication, you’ll need to enter the OTP received in your registered email and mobile number.

Submitting a VAT 311 Refund Request on EmaraTax

Once you’re in, follow these steps to submit a direct VAT refund request:

  1. Selection of User Type: In your user profile, choose ‘Taxable Person’ since this guide is for individuals falling under this category.
  2. Select VAT Module: On the left sidebar, you’ll find various options like ‘VAT,’ ‘Excise Tax,’ ‘Payments,’ ‘My Correspondence,’ ‘User Authorization,’ and ‘Other Services.’ Click on the VAT module at the top of the sidebar.
  3. Click on VAT 311 Tile: You can view all your previous VAT refund requests in the VAT Module. Click on ‘New Refund Request’ to initiate a new refund request.
  4. Proceed with the Refund Request: Take the following actions:
  5. Click on ‘Start’ to proceed.
  6. Enter the amount you intend to claim as a refund. It must be equal to or less than the “Excess Refundable VAT Amount” for the associated transaction type.
  7. Upload a completed template; the values will auto-populate in the table.
  8. Download the uploaded template.
  9. Provide additional details about your refund request.
  10. Confirm if you have any out-of-scope supplies.
  11. Provide contact details.
  12. Upload required documents.
  13. Download the amount and VAT amount filed in the VAT return for the selected Tax period.
  14. Provide a detailed breakdown for the selected line item in your VAT Return.
  15. Add transaction details.
  16. Confirm agreement to terms and conditions.
  17. Click on ‘Submit’ to submit the refund request.
  18. Make a Note: After submission, note the application number for future reference. You can access this refund request from the VAT 311 tile within the VAT tax module.

Getting Help with EmaraTax

If you find the EmaraTax platform a bit tricky, don’t worry. VAT consultants in Dubai, like us at Simply Solved, can assist you. With over 10 years of experience, we are FTA-approved tax agents in Dubai. Our tax professionals can guide you through the EmaraTax platform, making your tax compliance strategy seamless.

Bottom Line

Understanding the EmaraTax platform is crucial for businesses seeking direct VAT refunds in the UAE. Follow these steps or consult with VAT consultants in Dubai to ensure a smooth process. At Simply Solved, we’re here to make your tax-related journey hassle-free.